Frequently Asked Questions


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To book us, please fill out an enquiry form below with all the information about the event you can give. We will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also call David on (+44) 7715 275810

Our price greatly varies depending on where the venue is, what the date is, and which services are required. If you would like a price quote for your event, please feel free to fill out an enquiry form at the bottom of the page under the “Contact Us” tab, or call David on (+44) 7715 275810.
If filling out an enquiry form, please state the address of the venue, the date of the event, how many musicians you would like, set lengths, if you need a DJ service, and any other services or special requests in order to get the most accurate price quote!

A £200 deposit will be taken upon booking the band, and the remainder will be paid in cash on the day of the performance, or via bank transfer no less than 5 days prior to the performance.

We will supply all necessary equipment, including suitable Audio and Lighting gear for up to 250 guests, any more than this and we will need to rent larger equipment.

The band requires a performance space of at least 5x3m and two mains plugs. A hot meal and soft drinks will also be required for the hungry musicians at some point during the evening. If possible, a separate room for the band to get changed in would also be nice.

The band has up-to-date PLI and PAT certificates and would be happy to email them over.

The Flynn & Tonics currently play public gigs from time to time, however the vast majority of our performances are private events. For info on any upcoming public gigs, please get in touch with David at 07715 275810.